The concept for Heart of Healing came to me in the midst of the Covid 19 lockdown in April of 2020. I had been reading an article entitled, "The Art of Healing" and the name suddenlly clicked in my mind. At the time, I was working on personal development and had realized that the relationship I had with myself was not a loving or kind one. All of my low-self confidence seemed to stem from the issues I had revolving around how I viewed my own self-worth and ability to love myself. What I realized was that I needed to heal by learning self-love and self-compassion. Hence, Heart of Healing was born. This is not a website that is going to sell anything. It is not meant to ask for anyone's money. I created the site because I want people to realize they are not alone in their journey, whatever pain they might be going through. I hope that it serves as a beacon of hope and inspriation that no matter where you are in your healing journey, you have the power to heal from within your own soul.